of Earnings

Q: What is a Summary of Earnings?

A: Your Summary of Earning details the total amount of delivery fees (including other service fees and stated tips paid online) you earned on the Skip Network in 2022.

Q: How do I calculate my tips?

A: Your 2022 Summary of Earnings includes any stated tips paid online.  
You are responsible for calculating any cash tips you made before we went cashless.  You are also responsible for ensuring the information is accurate. Skip cannot provide you with tax advice of any kind.

Q: What are stated tips?

A: Stated tips are tips indicated on the order by the customer; they do not include any tip provided to you directly by the customer. Your earnings statement on the Courier Portal includes stated tips, only.

Q: When will I receive a Summary of Earnings?

A: The Summary of Earnings will be sent by March 1 to the email address associated with your courier account. If you delete or lose the email, you can visit the Courier Portal to view your earnings statements.

Q: Why does Skip send a Summary of Earnings?

A: To facilitate tax filing, Skip provides a Summary of Earnings to all couriers who had earnings on the network.

Q: What are my personal tax obligations?

A: As an independent contractor, you are responsible for determining your personal tax obligations in relation to the earnings made on the SkipTheDishes Network. You may consider speaking with a tax professional if you have questions.

Q: What are the tax return filing deadlines?

A: You can find the annual tax return filing deadlines and other important information on the CRA website.

Q: How can I request a Summary of Earning for the previous years?

A: To determine your earnings please log onto the Courier Portal.
Please note that SkipTheDishes cannot provide you with any tax advice.

Q: If I still have questions, who should I ask?

A: You can consult a tax professional if you have questions on your tax obligations or if you require assistance to prepare and file your tax return.
Please note that SkipTheDishes doesn’t provide tax advice.